International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

IPLC is a dedicated point to point connection for highest level of data security.

  • International Leased Line is a wholesale private circuit service between customer end points located anywhere within WTL’s and its carrier partners footprints.
  • Ideally suited for telecommunication companies demanding high quality, secure and reliable services. Committed bandwidth is guaranteed end to end.
  • WTL leased line is capable of carrying any kind of information ranging from conventional data to voice or video transmission such as video conferencing.


Supporting capacities ranging from

  • 2Mbps/E1 45Mbps/DS3      155Mbps/STM-1
  • 622Mbps/STM-4 5Gbps/STM-16              10Gbps/STM-64


Customer connects t the nearest WTL POP (Point of Presence) via local tail which is established via various access technologies considering availability, cost, flexibility etc. Committed access link capacity is 100% guaranteed.

In case of leased infrastructure, the options available are same and customer’s traffic is switched to WTL network over a resilient NNI (Network—Network Interface) between WTL and partner provider.

Local tail may be established via the following:

  • Fiber
  • Licensed band, point-to-point microwave
  • Private line via SDH technology

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