Wholesale Voice Service

WTL is a complete voice operator with its own number series and interconnect with other operators directly to WTL’s IP network, with only one technical infrastructure and organization for Voice and Internet Services, both subscription and traffic costs are low.

WTL delivers Voice Services over traditional 1, ISDN-PRI and SIP-interface. WTL’s transparent IP-network also takes advantage of the internet architecture for efficient management of telephony traffic. Phone calls can be directed based on a domain name instead of IP addresses/number series and thereby DNS architecture is used as a load balancer of the centrally placed telephony servers. When the machine  is relieved of performance demanding load balancing, more processing power for call management is made available.


WTL offers companies local telephone numbers and area codes regardless of location. For example, a company in Uganda can have a Kenya area code and still receive the calls in Kenya.

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